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Who’s teaching your child next year?

Teacher and SNA Allocation for 2018/19

( may be changed according to any emerging issues or changes of circumstance )

Principal: Fintan

HSCL: Elaine

LS Team:  ANOther 1 ( Junior Infants), Sara ( Senior Infants/1st), Mary ( 2nd/3rd), Kerry (4th), Cecelia ( 5th and 6th), Orlagh ( Reading Recovery), Aideen ( Maths Recovery)

SEN Team: Leon/JennyL, Donal, JennyMc

Mainstream classes:

JI 1

Shared SNA Julie


In Roisin’s current room

JI 2


Staying in room

SI  ( formerly Bronagh’s)

Shared SNA  Wioletta


Staying in room

SI  ( formerly Roisin’s)

Shared SNA Nicoletta


Staying in room

1st (formerly Dan’s)

Shared SNA Nicoletta and Julie


Staying in room

1st ( formerly Clare’s)


Staying in room

2nd  ( formerly Niamh’s )

Shared SNA Orlagh


In Lisa’s current room


2nd ( formerly Emma’s)


Staying in room

3rd ( formerly Robert’s)

Shared SNA  Pauline


In John’s current room

3rd ( formerly Lisa’s)


Staying in room

4th ( formerly Paschal’s )


In Micheals’ current room

4th ( formerly John’s)


Staying in room

4th ( formerly Pearce’s)

Shared SNA Orlagh


In Fiona’s current room

5th ( formerly Micheal’s)


In Cathal’s current room

5th ( formerly Fiona’s)


Staying in room

6th ( formerly Cathal’s)

Shared SNA Wioletta


Staying in rooom

6th ( formerly James’s)


Staying in room





Pupil Enrolment Queries

Pupil Enrolment for 2018/19 school year and beyond.


Pre-Enrolment Forms ( one per child) can be  downloaded from , please complete it, sign it, and scan it  to the school to   The date of  the receipt of your  emails containing the scanned pre-enrolment form(s)  will be your pre-enrolment date and you will be listed according to that date. A full copy of the school’s Enrolment Policy is also available on


As things stand at the moment ( from 29/6/18) all places in the school, in every class, for 2018/19 have been allocated. Your application will put you on a waiting-list and ranked according to first-come-first-served in the event of any places arising in September. Some classes already have long waiting lists.  We strongly recommend that you also apply to other schools in the area, and  you will find a list of those, with their phone numbers , displayed next to this page.  Failing that you can contact the Department of Education via   or   (01) 889 6400 to enquire as to  the availability of school places in the Balbriggan area.

Primary Schools Balbriggan

Balbriggan Educate Together    Moylaragh    (This is us)            Phone:  6904635

Fax:     6903603


Bracken Educate Together        Castlelands                      Phone: 9602010

Fax:      8496855


Scoil Chormaic                          Stephenstown                 Phone: 8416948



St. Peter & Pauls  J.N.S            Chapel Street                 Phone:  8412670



St. Molagas S.N.S                     Bremore                          Phone:  8413133



St. Theresa’s N.S                     Pinewood                         Phone:  8416270



St. Georges N.S.                       Naul Road                        Phone:  8410107



Gael Scoil                                  Castlelands                      Phone:  8416036


Parent Newsletter Thursday June 21st and 2018/19 Calendar

Parent Newsletter  Thursday June 21st

School Calendar  for 2018/19. Please see overleaf the school calendar for 2018/19. School reopens on Thursday August 30th. Parents are reminded about the importance of coinciding  family-holidays with  the school calendar.  You will also see on the calendar the dates for our Human Rights Fortnight, STEM Week, Feile na Gaeilge, Community Week and Get Active Week, plus the dates for the two ten-week cycles of  Autumn and Spring/Summer After School Clubs.

Next  Year’s  Teachers? The children will be informed as to  who will be teaching them next yeat at 11.45 on Friday June 29th, and  simultaneous to this  a document will be posted on the website for parents to see. We look forward to a great year in the school over 2018/19.

6th Class  Graduation  The graduation ceremony for this  year’s two sixth classes will take place at 10.30am on Tuesday June 26th ( 10.30am to 11.30am followed by light refreshments). Parents and siblings are invited to this ceremony.

Parent Association: The Parent Association  are facilitiating a Pyjama Day in the school on Thursday June 28th. This is a normal school day, but the children can wear Pyjamas ( over their normal clothing).  The family may  make a  financial contribution  to the Parent Association ( the PA will distribute a special envelope, the donation can be put in that envelope and on Thursday morning the teachers will collect and  send those envelopes down to the PA in the school office). This is an opportunity for parents to make a contribution to the financial fundraising of the Parent Association, who in turn contirbute 4000euro to the school annually  to  part-fund our  Get Active Week, Arts Week,  Feile na Gaeilge and Human Rights Month which benefits all of the children in the school.

School Self Evaluation  A full report on  the School’s Self Evaluation has been prepared and will be brought to the Board of Management for their final meeting of the 2017/18 school year next week. This will be available to parents  in the SSE folder in the school foyer as is customary and on the school website.  In summary , the SSE reports outlines progress made in the school over the 2017/18 in key areas of Literacy, Numeracy and Addressing Disadvantage, as well as spelling out targets for 2018/19.  For 2018/19 the school is focusing on two specific aspects of improvement, based on our School Improvement Plan 2016- 2021:

  • Critical Thinking ( the analytic skills , the language skills,  the comprehension skills and  communication skills associated with thinking critically in the fields of Literacy, STEM, Arts,  Ethics and SESE subject areas) This will be enabled by the schools participation in the DES’s School Excellence Fund
  • Arts Education ( improvement of the teaching/learning in specific aspects of Arts education; visual arts, music, drama and dance) This will be enabled by the school’s participation in the Creative Ireland; Creative Schools

And finally………..

We sincerely hope that your children have had a very successful and happy  2017/18 school year  in Balbriggan Educate Together. There have been many ‘highs’ throughout the year culminating in our Celebration of  Teaching and Learning Day recently.  I wish to thank the  vast vast majority of parents who support the school in our endeavour and we look forward to a great 2018/19 school year, your support and positivity is gratefully received.   Yours Sincerely, Fintan ( Principal)

Calendar for 2018/19 School Year:

Thursday 30th August :School opens for children 8.40am (Normal full school day 8.40am to 1.20pm SI or 2.20pm 1st to 6th, Junior Infants 8.40am to 11.30am until Monday 10th September when it reverts to normal day 8.40am to 1.20pm)

Autumn Club Registration :Tuesday  September 25th  7.30pm ( Clubs from weeks beginning  Monday October 1st to Monday December 10th )

Human Rights Fortnight: Monday 15th October to Friday 26th October

Monday October 29th to Friday November 2nd:School Closed  Mid Term Holiday

STEM Week :Monday 26th November to Friday 30th November

Winter Concerts:Wednesday 19th December

Friday December 21st: 12noon  school closes, reopens Monday  January 7th 8.40am

Parent teacher meetings:2.30pm to 4.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12th, 13th and 14th February

Monday February 18th to Friday February 22nd: School closed Mid term Holiday

Spring/Summer Clubs Cycle: Registration Tuesday March 12th 7.30pm. Clubs from weeks beginning Monday March 18th to Monday June 3rd

Feile na Gaeilge: Monday March 11th to Friday March 15th

Monday March 18th:Public holiday

Friday  12th April 12noon:School closed for Spring Holiday. Reopens Monday 29th April 8.40am

Monday May 6th: Public holiday

Community Week : Monday May 13th to Friday May 17th

Monday June 3rd and Tuesday June 4th: School closed, short mid-term holiday

Get Active Week:Monday June 10th to Friday June 14th ( including Sports day on Wednesday June  12th)

6th Class graduation:Tuesday June 25th

Friday June 28th:12 noon  school closes  for summer holiday



Get Active Week and Sports Day

Parent  Newsletter Wednesday June 6th  Get Active Week Special

Get Active Week 2018  is here!

The aims of Get Active Week are: To provide the children with multiple opportunities to  learn the value and fun of physical activity, to encourage them to find their own preferences and likes  for what kind of physical activities  they might enjoy and undertake independently, to learn about wellbeing-through-sport, healthy eating,  health-and-safety-in-sport, water-safety and develop  team-skills

Here’s some highlights of the week ( where off-campus trips are involved, a more detailed note will be sent home in advance)

Wednesday 13th

Sports Day for All

Venue: The Soccer Pitch at Bremore Castle

All school day. All parents and extended family welcome.


The ‘races’ aspect of the day will be:

10.15 to 11.15 for  Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd

11.30 to 12.30 for 3rd, 4th, 5th and  6th.


The children will also be undertaking further sports activities in the caged AllWeather pitch at the same venue, but  access to this area is exclusively teachers and children.

 Junior and Senior Infants The JI and SI classes have a bumper–week ahead  with  a visit to the wonderful DP Gymnasitcs venue  for some top-class Gymnastics instruction, and a further trip to Slieve Gullion ( County Armagh) for a day of  adventure and mythology in this  awesome place. In-school the children will also enjoy a multisport  Olympics competition, a parachute game. Tennis, relay racing, rugby, majorettes ( SI only)  and hurling
1st and 2nd   A visit to the DP Gym for  some gymanstics coaching. Plus in-school introduction to Musical Theatre, Irish Dancing, Badminton with Paddy , Orienteering, Relay races, Unihockey, a multisport Olympics,  Ultimate Frisbee, majorettes, Hurling, Yoga ( 2nd only)  and Circuits ( 2nd only) and Tug-O-War
 3rd   Off campus, the children will be doing an adventure sports morning in Malahide Castle and Swimming  and Water safety . In-school they’ll have  tennis, tabletennis, circuits, GAA, Yoga,  Unihockey, Jiu-Jutsu, Irish dancing .


4th Off campus, there’s a GAA Blitz and Cricket. In-school there’s circuits, tabletennis, orienteering, rugby, badminton with paddy, tennis, unihockey, karate, Jujutsu, and  Basketball
5th and 6th Off-campus, theres a GAA Blitz and Cricket and FlagFootball. In school, there’s  BodyWeight, Rugby, TableTennis, Mindfulness,  Orienteering, Badminton with paddy, a EROS2018 competition, Circuits and Taekwondo.


  • there’ll also be the play-offs and Finals of the lunctime basketball competition that has been running all term ,there’s also rumours of a Teachers V Students basketball showdown

Also   here’s a Family Quiz to get everybody in the mood for the week:       ( please return this page to the school on or before  9.00am on Monday June 11th ) . Family cinema-ticket for the winner.

Child’s Name: _______________________________________________Class?____________

Question 1   Michael D Higgins , President of Ireland, is also a former Chairman of which League of Ireland soccer club?   _______________________________________________

Question 2  Which country does the Martial Art of  Taekwondo originate  from? _____________

Question 3  Which country does Jiu-Jutsu originate from?   _______________________________

Question 4  Who are Dublin’s opponents in the Leinster Senior Football championship on Sunday June  10th in Croke Park?  _______________________________________________________

Question 5   Our brilliant Girl’s Under 13 team won the Cumann na mBunscoil  All Dublin Sprint  relay in the Morton Stadium , name the 5 girls ( first names only) _____________________________________________________________________________

Question 6  What nationality is men’s Tennis champion Rafael  Nadal? _____________________

Question 7  Name the three other countries in England’s World Cup ( Russia 2018) group?  _______

_______________________________________. And will you be cheering for England?  ________

Question 8  The Parent Association’s Fun Run fundraiser for Parents/Families takes place at the Millfield Shoppping Centre on Sunday July 16th at 1pm ?  What distance?   ________________

Question 9  Who is the international Badminton Coach who will be coaching the children over Get Active Week ?   ( first name only) ___________________________________________________

Question 10   Which teacher in the school plays basketball for  the Renegades?   ____________

Tie breaker: How much money has the school spent on this year’s Get Active Week ?  ________

Parent Newsletter Tuesday May 22nd

Parent Newsletter  Tuesday May 22nd

School Closures: parents are reminded that the school is closed from  12noon on both  Thursday 31st May and Friday 1st June for the staff to undertake DES-directed training on Child Protection. We regret any inconvenience caused by this.

Current School Practice re Smartphones  The school’s current practice with regard to children’s use of smartphones is as follows:

“The school acknowledges that the children carrying phones to/from school is important for many families with regard to the safety of their children. However, the school also asserts that  any use of smartphones during the school  day or on-campus  can, if misused, threaten the safety of other children. Bearing these opposing sentiments in mind the following compromise has served the  safety of children in the school well; children are allowed  to carry switched-on mobile phones to and from school with them each day. However, the phone must be switched off on reaching the school campus, and may only be switched on again on leaving the school campus at the end of the day.  The phone must never be switched on during the schol day and to do so is a serious breach of the school’s discipline policy and anti-bullying policy.  In cases of emergency children may contact parents , and parents may contact children , through the use of the school’s office phone 01 6904635. The school never requires or encourages the child to  use his/her own smart-devices in the school and the children’s use of the school-owned smart-devices is covered by the school’s Acceptable Usage Policy.  Outside of school- hours the responsible  governance  of the  child’s use of the  smartphone, and social media generally, is the responsibility of the parent.”

We welcome any input from our parents on this issue. Please do so in the form of a written statement , submitted to the school office, in envelope  titled  FAO the BOM,  whereupon it will be brought for discussion to the next meeting of the school’s Board of Management (  submissions before Monday June 25th)

Important dates for your Diary:

Standardised  Testing for 1st to 6th in Literacy/Numeracy:  ( today) Tuesday 22nd May and , tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd May, the results of which will be communicated to you in the end-of-year Pupil Progress Records

 Get Active Week : Monday  June 11th to Friday June 15th, including our annual Sports Day on Wednesday June 13th at the Bremore Castle  venue to which all parents are welcome ( details to  follow)

Friday June 8th  new ( Sept 2018)  Junior Infant Induction  session, 1pm to 2.15pm

Friday June 15th: End-of-year Pupil Progress reports to be sent home with each child ( any parent who does not wish this to be sent home with  the child may  drop in a stamped-addressed envelope to the school office in advance on June 15th. )

Tuesday June 26th  6th Class  Graduation

Thursday June 28th: (optional) The Parent Association  have  suggested  a Pyjama Day for the children ( involving a donation to the PA from any family doing so) and a Cake Sale as a fundraiser for the PA whose fundraising contributes immensely to the experience of every child in the school through part-funding annual events such as Get Active week, Arts Week, Feile na Gaeilge, Human Rights Month etc.  Your donation for this event will be gratefully received ( details from the PA to follow)

Friday June 29th 12noon the school closes for the Summer holidays

Monday July 2nd  to Friday July 13th,  10am to 1pm, Summer camps

Thursday August 30th School resumes for all the children.

General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR)

This is a  summary  of the school’s compliance with  GDPR from May 25th 2018 as legally obliged. Fintan ( Principal) is available to discuss any issues arising.  A copy of the school’s full-policy on GDPR is available on request and will be posted in due course to the school website Policy Section.

Summary:   The school is obliged to process and store data that is relevant to its obligations to the Department of  Education and Skills ( with regards to issues of proper governance) and in accordance with best-practice in order to facilitate the optimal teaching/learning of all children.The school undertakes to meet these obligations in a fair and reasonable manner and in open-ness and accountability to  the whole school community. To that end , the school gives a committment to parents  that the following set of data is generated, stored with optimal security, used only for the purposes stated and  shared exclusively according to statutory obligations and disposed of according to statutory obligations with due regard to the privacy of all:

1 The school’s Aladdin database  carries ‘registration’ information as shared with the school by pre-enroling and registering parents ( and all subsequent annual updates). This data is shared only with  the Department of Education according to their requisites for the POD system, the system whereby it  financially-resources   and  human-resources  the school. This databse is securely protected.

2 The school’s Aladdin database also hosts the Pupil Progress Reports for all children in the school and their results on standardised tests ( all of which have been shared with parents on an ongoing basis in hardcopy). Again, this database is securely protected.

3 The school keeps a hardcopy record of all documents that have been shared by parents to the school  with reagrd to issues of medical-supervision, assessment of special needs,  issues of child-safeguarding and  concerns around pupil welfare. These hardcopy documents are stored securely.

4 In their planning for the child’s optimal teaching and learning  the teachers will on an ongoing basis  record levels of support and  levels of  teacher-based assessment.  The important aspects of these are reported to the parents on the Pupil Progress Reports and are disposed of when no longer required for the optimal  teaching/learning of the child.  For children with specific  Special Needs  the child’s School Support Plan ( including his/her IEP) is devised and shared with the parents on an ongoing basis.

5  Any reports concerning children  made by the school to Tusla ,  the Gardai or  the National Council for Special Education  are stored securely in the school, and have been pre-shared with the parents concerned.

6 The school’s Board of  Management  keep  records of all correspondence to them by parents, teachers and   Principal and  also keep a record of  financial transactions  between the school  and parents. These records are  securely protected.  The school’s Board of Management  also governs the activities of the school’s Parent Association with regard to their limited  data processing.