Clarification regarding parking on the yellow box

Fintan (Principal) is happy to clarify any misunderstandings about his parking as shown in this photo, posted recently to the Balbriggan Connected Facebook page. In 2010, on moving into the new building, an error in the road layout that was endangering children’s, all pedestrians’ and cyclists’ lives quickly emerged. The yellow grid and the levelled kerbstone, which serve no functional purpose, was being used as a rat-run by some parent-drivers and delivery-vans causing havoc and seriously compromising the safety of all. As an interim measure Fintan , with the approval of the Board of Management, took to parking there to prevent this. In his absence , other senior teachers in the school are happy to oblige. I hope this clarifies the situation. The DES who own the campus have continuously failed to amend the situation, so the interim measure continued. Any parent who is dissatisfied with this is welcome to address the issue with the Board of Management, or directly with Fintan himself. The clarification has also been published in the regular Parent Newsletter on many occasions.

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