Get Active Week and Sports Day

Parent  Newsletter Wednesday June 6th  Get Active Week Special

Get Active Week 2018  is here!

The aims of Get Active Week are: To provide the children with multiple opportunities to  learn the value and fun of physical activity, to encourage them to find their own preferences and likes  for what kind of physical activities  they might enjoy and undertake independently, to learn about wellbeing-through-sport, healthy eating,  health-and-safety-in-sport, water-safety and develop  team-skills

Here’s some highlights of the week ( where off-campus trips are involved, a more detailed note will be sent home in advance)

Wednesday 13th

Sports Day for All

Venue: The Soccer Pitch at Bremore Castle

All school day. All parents and extended family welcome.


The ‘races’ aspect of the day will be:

10.15 to 11.15 for  Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd

11.30 to 12.30 for 3rd, 4th, 5th and  6th.


The children will also be undertaking further sports activities in the caged AllWeather pitch at the same venue, but  access to this area is exclusively teachers and children.

 Junior and Senior Infants The JI and SI classes have a bumper–week ahead  with  a visit to the wonderful DP Gymnasitcs venue  for some top-class Gymnastics instruction, and a further trip to Slieve Gullion ( County Armagh) for a day of  adventure and mythology in this  awesome place. In-school the children will also enjoy a multisport  Olympics competition, a parachute game. Tennis, relay racing, rugby, majorettes ( SI only)  and hurling
1st and 2nd   A visit to the DP Gym for  some gymanstics coaching. Plus in-school introduction to Musical Theatre, Irish Dancing, Badminton with Paddy , Orienteering, Relay races, Unihockey, a multisport Olympics,  Ultimate Frisbee, majorettes, Hurling, Yoga ( 2nd only)  and Circuits ( 2nd only) and Tug-O-War
 3rd   Off campus, the children will be doing an adventure sports morning in Malahide Castle and Swimming  and Water safety . In-school they’ll have  tennis, tabletennis, circuits, GAA, Yoga,  Unihockey, Jiu-Jutsu, Irish dancing .


4th Off campus, there’s a GAA Blitz and Cricket. In-school there’s circuits, tabletennis, orienteering, rugby, badminton with paddy, tennis, unihockey, karate, Jujutsu, and  Basketball
5th and 6th Off-campus, theres a GAA Blitz and Cricket and FlagFootball. In school, there’s  BodyWeight, Rugby, TableTennis, Mindfulness,  Orienteering, Badminton with paddy, a EROS2018 competition, Circuits and Taekwondo.


  • there’ll also be the play-offs and Finals of the lunctime basketball competition that has been running all term ,there’s also rumours of a Teachers V Students basketball showdown

Also   here’s a Family Quiz to get everybody in the mood for the week:       ( please return this page to the school on or before  9.00am on Monday June 11th ) . Family cinema-ticket for the winner.

Child’s Name: _______________________________________________Class?____________

Question 1   Michael D Higgins , President of Ireland, is also a former Chairman of which League of Ireland soccer club?   _______________________________________________

Question 2  Which country does the Martial Art of  Taekwondo originate  from? _____________

Question 3  Which country does Jiu-Jutsu originate from?   _______________________________

Question 4  Who are Dublin’s opponents in the Leinster Senior Football championship on Sunday June  10th in Croke Park?  _______________________________________________________

Question 5   Our brilliant Girl’s Under 13 team won the Cumann na mBunscoil  All Dublin Sprint  relay in the Morton Stadium , name the 5 girls ( first names only) _____________________________________________________________________________

Question 6  What nationality is men’s Tennis champion Rafael  Nadal? _____________________

Question 7  Name the three other countries in England’s World Cup ( Russia 2018) group?  _______

_______________________________________. And will you be cheering for England?  ________

Question 8  The Parent Association’s Fun Run fundraiser for Parents/Families takes place at the Millfield Shoppping Centre on Sunday July 16th at 1pm ?  What distance?   ________________

Question 9  Who is the international Badminton Coach who will be coaching the children over Get Active Week ?   ( first name only) ___________________________________________________

Question 10   Which teacher in the school plays basketball for  the Renegades?   ____________

Tie breaker: How much money has the school spent on this year’s Get Active Week ?  ________

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