Standards of Attainment in Balbriggan Educate Together NS

Fintan ( Principal) hosted a talk to parents in the school last Friday ( Jan 26th) on the topic of  ‘Standards of Attainment ‘ in Balbriggan Educate Together NS. There was a very good attendance of parents and we were also delighted to welcome the 1st year Co-Ordinator teachers from all of the Balbriggan second-level schools.  The talk dealt with  issues of standards of pupil learning, assessment and testing in the school, curriculum and extra-curriculum, standards of teaching and, finally,  the underlying philosophies of the school  in aspiring to bring about optimal outcomes for all the children. There was  some great discussion afterwards  and thanks to all who participated.   An Information Pack  accompanied   the  meeting  and can be requested from Fintan ( Principal) or the school office by any parent who was not able to attend.  The event was hosted by the Parent Association and was preceded by a lovely coffee morning.

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