Parent Newsletter Thursday January 25th

Parent  Newsletter  Thursday  January 25th

  • Talk for parents on ‘Standards of Attainment in Balbriggan Educate Together NS’

The school’s Parent Association are hosting a coffee-morning followed by a talk by Fintan ( Principal) on the standards of  teaching and learning-attainments  in the school tomorrow ( Friday 26th) starting immediately at 8.40 ( with the talk from 9.15am to 10.15am). All parents welcome.

  • E-payment system We have set up, for your convenience, an e-payment system in the school.  In order for you to be included in this system we must ask you to email the school straightaway on  . When doing so please include the names of your children in the body of the email so that they can be cross-referenced  to the system.  This system, if up and running,  may be of great assistance to you  from April 30th  when the 140euro@child for the  2018/19 school year falls due.


  • Stay Safe Some children  have reported to us  various accounts of persons and  issues that they have faced when walking home from school in recent weeks. At school we will be doing some lessons on  ‘how to keep yourself safe  in public spaces’  and how to report any dangers or issues that arise, should they arise. Could we ask all parents to also go over  with your child/children what your expectations  and ‘rules’ are for  your children when walking to and from school each day.


  • Parent Teacher  Meetings:   We look forward to meeting with you at our forthcoming parent-teacher meetings. By this stage you have received an appointment date/time from the class teachers,  and you have been asked to confirm your attendance at this date/time.  ( if you haven’t  already done so , please do so immediately ). The meeting is accompanied by a comprehensive  written Pupil Progress Report. Please do try to make this appointment as parent-teacher meetings are a very important aspect of  the quality of your child’s progress in  his/her education.


  • Schools Excellence Fund The school has been selected by the Department of  Education Inspectorate for participation in a pilot-initiative titled ‘School Excellence’ . Under this pilot the school will received enhanced funding  to develop and enhance  ‘Critical Thinking across the Curriculum with a particular emphasis  in Maths  and Science, and especially with regards to the  language-skills of children for whom English is a Second  Language’… quite a mouthful !!!!!  but it will be of benefit to all  the children’s learning and attainment for the  three year period of the study. We’re delighted to be involved and look forward to rolling out many actions and initiatives  in this regard.


  • Brian Ruane many thanks to all  those parents who expressed their condolences  to us on the bereavement of our colleague and BOM member,  Brian Ruane. We will continue with a Book of Condolence in the school foyer for  a couple more weeks ( until after the PT Meetings)  for anybody who would wish to record/write  a message.

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