Online Safety Stars!

Back in March, Fintan gave a very well-attended talk to parents on Children’s Wellbeing in Balbriggan Educate Together. During the question and answer session at the end, many parents spoke about their children’s use of the internet at home or on mobile devices as something that could be detrimental to their wellbeing. Although the supervised internet usage within the protected environment of BETNS is completely secure, it was clear that older children needed some guidance on how to use the internet safely when they were alone and outside of school hours.
Samana Haider, a BETNS parent, very kindly volunteered to provide online safety training to fifth and sixth class students. Samana holds a CISSP certification, an internationally recognised qualification in online security skills. The tips that Samana passed on to the children were clear and simple, but even adults would benefit from following them.
Samana’s Top Ten Tips to Stay Safe and Secure Online:
Keep personal information private and do not share it online or in-game.
If someone makes you uncomfortable online log off and tell an adult.
Always think before you click send or post.
Create strong unique passwords and never share them.
Get permission before tagging and posting other people’s pictures.
Report cyber bullying immediately.
Never meet an online-only friend without taking a parent or guardian.
Follow age rules for social media sites and games.
Build safe profile pages and make sure that your settings are set to private.
Remember that online friends are not the same as real friends.
Samana got a great response from the children and teachers of fifth and sixth class. All the children got an Online Safety Star certificate to take home after completing their training. Well done everyone and many thanks to Samana! For more information on the ISC2 safe and secure programme, visit

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  1. This is Super. Thanks Samana for giving up your time. So important to be educated in online safety from early on. Hope the children enjoyed it and learned to be safe!

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