Why indeed?

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An extremely reasonable question emerged during the week at BETNS. I was asked by one of the children on yard, 

"Why do we do Thinking Time, what's it good for?" 

There was only one solution for such a deep question....... dialogue. 

We needed a community of inquisitive minds to ponder this basic but core question.

I suggested that we use the question as the starting point to our next Thinking Time/P4C session with the children from 4th class.

What followed was mind blowing, I'm sure some of the participants will leave their ideas below but here is a sample of the responses we were treated to.

"when we're having a group discussion, everybody gets a chance to listen to each other. It makes it easier to give an opinion."

"When we're discussing issues together it's never hard to think of ideas, everything slows down when we listen to each other. Outside this lesson, life is just spinning around. It's too fast."

"Philosophy or Thinking Time gives us the chance to practice being ourselves."

"I love how there's no pressure, there's no right or wrong answers, we are not forced to get things right but we still learn loads." 

11 thoughts on “Why indeed?

  1. Why do we do thinking time?
    Thinking time is exactly what the name implies. It’s a time where you think. But as great as it would be to just sit in a circle and think for half an hour, sharing your opinion is better. If, maybe, another participant were to make a contribution stating their opinion and it completely opposes yours wouldn’t you like to tell them exactly why your opinion is what it is. If your answer is no, then that’s a lie because you just stated that your opinion opposes what I’ve just said. See?

  2. I feel that thinking time is a great way to improve on your listening and communicating skills (which you’ll need to do a lot in life, so it’s a great practice).It’s a stress reliever in a way – you get to express your opinions and views.I feel that thinking time makes us learn from eachother, which I feel is very important.We also get to see different points of view which helps us become more open-minded.
    I enjoy thinking time as it is a way to communicate and discuss different topics.

  3. I think that it’s a chance to get your view across to everybody. It is just a circle where everybody gets a chance to speak but when you’re in it and you know that when it’s you’re turn to speak you can say your view no matter what it is, it means so much more. It means you can get you’re point across to you’re friends as when you’re younger you don’t talk about those things when you get together.

  4. Thinking time is a way to smooth out the questions that everyone thinks about and have a good discussion on it. Nobody can be judged for their opinion even if somebody else opposes it. It’s a time where we can think hard about the questions everyone asks themselves sometimes. We can all project our opinions and listen to others views. And sometimes our opinions change after seeing a different person’s perspective on the subject. Philosophy helps us review a question or thought and really communicate about it. A way to get together and discuss.

  5. Thinking Time is a great way to relax share your own opinion without thinking what other people will say, learn about others and their opinions including teachers and it’s especially a great way to have an enjoyable chat.❤️

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