What is the hardest task in the world?

We discussed this question in 5th class recently. It really got us thinking…..

Some of our responses included:

To survive all by yourself…

To never make a mistake….

To reach the end of your imagination….

To never sin….

To make it to heaven before you die…….

Getting a call from a doctor to say you had a terminal illness….

Spending your life in prison for something you didn’t do…..

Please feel free to leave YOUR thoughts, we would love to hear what you think.



22 thoughts on “What is the hardest task in the world?

  1. When I was younger I used to think that the hardest task in the world was to ”do your best”. I have lots of memories of my mom and dad telling me to do my best and I used to get upset being told to do my best. I thought that doing your best was to do something perfectly. I thought that I could do everything perfectly if I did my best.

    I’ve learned that doing my best does not mean that I will be able to do something perfectly and it is with this awareness that I live each day. Now in school I invite children to do their best and when they do, and things aren’t perfect I tell them how proud they should be that they have done their best.

  2. I think the hardest task in life is to face things we fear when we really really want to run away.
    I remember when my two best friends in my class in college left and I had to go back to college without them. Yes, even adults have best friends but it was so scary going back without them and missing them so much. I did face the fear but I still remember it very well 🙁

  3. Deolu:I think that the hardest task is to survive on your own and to go and get a real life when you leave your parents to start a life.

    Katelyn:I think the hardest task in the world is flying without being in an aeroplane !

  4. The hardest thing in life would be to travel to a different planet and find life of some sort. If I could travel to a planet I would, but what about you? Would you abandon everything to go in space?

  5. Mine is a little like Mary’s I guess. I think the hardest thing in life is to accept that there are some things you can’t change and that everything isn’t always going to be perfect – no matter how hard you try.

    Great job on the deep philosophical questions fifth class!

  6. i think the hardest thing in the world is to pretend to be someone you’re not. Also to grow up, leaving everything behind, getting married, sometimes letting go of important friends, but the best is creating a family of your own and being happy ♥ !

  7. I would have to agree with Mary because I think that the hardest task in life would be trying to be PERFECT at EVERYTHING.

    Like Mary also said sometimes parents keep telling their children to do their best which can sometimes get their child all nervous and upset. Their are other things of course that are hard tasks but the one that really comes into my mind is perfection. It not IMPOSSIBLE just not very easy.

  8. In my opinion the hardest task in the world would to be brave because if you are a brave person then you would be ok doing life threatening stuff like walking on a tightrope over the Grand Canyon and that is pretty hard by itself but getting the courage to do it is even harder. You could also need the courage and bravery to loose a relative. : ( so that is what I think is the hardest task in the world.

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