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Hear the Beautiful Stories behind the Quilt


Each of the squares in The School Quilt tells a lovely story. Stories from history and stories from our lives today.  Stories of where we are from and where we live now.  Stories of what is important to us.

You can click here to read the stories of each individual square.

Quilting Project

Please take some time to click on the link and enjoy the fascinating and inspiring stories behind our School Quilt.



Thanks to everyone who contributed a square and who told their lovely stories.  Thanks to Emma Dunne for bringing the stories together for our enjoyment.




Why Did We Make a Quilt?

Educate Together schools are characterised by their high levels of Parent involvement in the business of the school. Our particular Educate Together school is also characterised by a very diverse parent population and their Irish born children, over 40 different countries of origin!. One year ago the school’s Parent Association sat down to brainstorm how best  they could merge these two fantastic energies into a school project that would bring parents together in the school setting. The idea of a ‘Quilt’ was hatched. Slowly, but surely, ideas for the design of the quilt emerged.  112 squares of fabric were needed to fill one large rectangle. Each square was to be somebody’s ‘story’;  a story from their life, a story from their country of origin, the story of their family. Over the course of a whole year the parents got together and shared their stories and their skills. Collaboratively the squares needed to be stitched together to make a rectangle with the symbol of our Educate Together school in the middle, the tie that binds these families together.

The Quilt is displayed prominently and proudly in the school’s foyer.


It’s Almost Finished…

The School Quilt is nearly ready to unveil.

Here are some of the most recent squares that parents completed.



And here are some of the stories behind some of the squares.

Several parents came together on Thursday night to stitch the completed squares together so that the quilt can be assembled. It was hours of very detailed and tiring work but it was very enjoyable as well – the tea and chat always make the time go very quickly.

And this is what it looks like so far…


If you would like to help out with this very enjoyable project, talk to Cathal.