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Human Rights…….spreading into the homes!

Today we received a lovely email from a parent about the effects of Human Rights Month on their family. What a wonderful legacy, to not only be opening up the minds of these wonderful children in our care but extending this education to the rest of the family:
E-mail from Elaine:

What a fantastic conversation we had over dinner this evening. . .

The children were full of facts and information about the human rights defenders that they have spent October learning about at school. I was treated to stories about disarming land-mines with Aki Ra, who was voted the top human rights defender by the children at school. We talked about land-mines and how some have been disarmed and painted in bright colours and are now on display in his museum. We wondered what would happen if Aki Ra needed to sneeze just as he was about to disarm a land-mine !!

I had never heard of Irena Sendler or Oscar Oliveira before but I now know all about how Irena saved the lives of over 2500 children during World War 2 and how Oscar campaigned tirelessly against the water privatisation in Bolivia – a subject very close to home at present ! !

Malala Yousafzai, is world famous for standing up for children’s rights and particularly the right to education for girls. However, the recent 6th class trip to see a new documentary about her life was the basis for some great discussions in our house around oppression, extremism and equal rights.


Thanks to all of the staff who put in so much effort to teach the children in ways they find interesting and enjoyable. 

Just wanted you to know (in case it ever feels like they aren’t listening!) that not only are you educating these little, future world leaders….you are also spreading some knowledge to a few older, (not as wise as they may like to think they are) heads too 🙂 

Thanks & very best regards


Our World Irish Aid Awards News!!!!!!


Three children from Orlagh’s Sixth Class who co-ordinated the Our World Irish Aid Awards Project will be representing BETNS at the Regional Finals on May 19.  To be shortlisted for the Regional Finals is a great achievement as we are one of only fifteen schools in Leinster to make it through to this stage.

Well done to the co-ordinating team and to all the children involved from Orlagh’s Sixth Class!

Irish Aid - The Movie and Rap_0.18.14.28

The Our World Irish Aid Awards is an exciting and educational awards programme which explores how Irish Aid is working to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) to fight world poverty and to create a better future for children and their families in developing countries.

Check out the video below to learn more about the MDG’s and to see our full project entitled MDG’s – The Movie.  You can also just watch the rap we produced if you’d prefer.