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Córfhéíle na Scoileanna 2016

Yesterday marked our annual trip to the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght to participate in Córfhéile na Scoileanna – a non competitive choir festival.

Unfortunately, this year, each school was limited to one entry for the matinee shows so our junior choir could not accompany us.  Nonetheless, the middle and senior choirs gave an exemplary account of themselves – both in terms of performance and the equally important listening attentively and respectfully to other schools as they were performing.

Well done to all the children who decide to use one of their lunch breaks each week to be part of the choir.  They should all be very proud of what they accomplished.

Special thanks to all the parents who were able to attend on the day – your presence makes the performance very special for the children.  Particular mention to Aoibhin and Molly’s mums who acceded to a last minute request to video the performance!

You can enjoy the fruits of their labour below!  🙂


Choirs Trip

As another school year draws to a close, so too does the choir activity for the year. The choirs in BETNS all rehearse during lunch time so it requires immense commitment. However it’s always fantastic to see so many boys and girls choosing to take advantage of this great opportunity afforded to them. As a reward for their dedication, our junior, middle and senior choirs got the opportunity to participate in a musical theatre and hip hop workshop. We learned a piece from the Matilda musical about ‘Revolting Children’ that was really fun to perform and also a funky routine to Uptown Funk! It was a fantastic day and all of the children represented themselves and the school with aplomb. Well done everyone!

Córfheile na Scoileanna 2015

BETNS was a quiet place on the day of the Córfhéile Choir Festival.  A whopping 107 children left the school first thing that morning to travel to the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght to participate in the annual Córfheile na Scoileanna choir festival.  The festival in a non-competitive event designed to showcase the talent of school choirs all over the country.  After a stressful start to the day on the M50 ‘car park’, the choirs recovered in fine style and represented themselves and their school with gusto.  Well done to everyone involved but particular commendation goes to the 6th class participants (Bita, Paula, Megan, Selina and Carolyn) who showed such good leadership  both within the choir itself but also on the day.

If you weren’t able to make it to the performance in person, you can appreciate the talent of our choirs in the videos below.  Unfortunately the battery in our camera ran out just as we were hitting our final notes so you will just have to imagine the rapturous applause we received!

Junior Choir

Middle and Senior Choir