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Congratulations to our Fairtrade Poster Competition Winners!

Well done to everyone who took part in the Fairtrade Fortnight Poster Competition. The standard was extremely high and everyone produced fantastic posters. It was very difficult to pick the winners from the participating classes (Cecelia’s Senior Infant Class, Jenny’s Second Class; Aideen’s Second Class; Dan’s Fifth Class and Niamh’s Fifth Class). A huge congratulations to our winners pictured below.

Everyone from the listed classes had to produce a poster to encourage the purchase of fairtrade items. Then, Beth and Leon  judged our posters. They did it  in a fair way which they did not find it easy.

Fairtrade is about justice not charity.  To find out more about fairtrade click on the link below:

This post was written and published by Bobbi and Oisín. BYE!!! 🙂

Fairtrade Poster competition winners:

Senior Infants: Michael

Second Class: Damilola and Miznah

Fifth Class: Oisin and Bobbi


Balbriggan ETNS Green Team

Hello and welcome!  We are Sean and Kevin from the 6th Class Green Team  2011 to 2012. This year we are working on getting our fourth Green Flag, the travel flag. We made our own survey on how we travel to school and save energy.  We work to make the world a better place for us and everyone else to live in.

Here are some other things we do as a Green Team :

1. Sticker Inspection

Every Monday and  Wednesday , Senior Infants and 1st Class collect a bin from a different class.  If the class’s bin has the correct recyclable objects in it, they get a good sticker and if something bad is in it they get a bad sticker.

2. Recycling

There is also the recycling collection everyday.  2nd , 3rd and 4th collect all the rubbish from the recycling bin.

3. Water Inspection

The water inspection is where you go to each and every classroom and check if the tap is off when not used and also the dish washer in the staffroom.

4. Energy Inspection

We also do the energy inspection every Tuesday and Wednesday.  We go to every room and check if they have their windows open or their computers on.

5. Staffroom Bin Inspection

This is where Sean and I check daily if the bin in the staffroom has the right recycable objects in it and if so, it gets a good sticker but if it has the wrong objects, it gets a bad sticker.

6. Litter Picking

We can also litter pick if we feel the yard is a bit dirty and not to just to skip class!  We get the litter pickers and a bag and clean up for about 10-15 minutes.

After all this helps us improve our school ,its environment and our planet.

Thanks for taking time to read this.  We really appreciate it and we hope you can take little steps at home to help our planet.