Self Expression Day

It’s self expression day here in Balbriggan ETNS and here are just a sample of the great efforts that children have made to express something about their identity.

Jane’s Class

‘This is for Mecca, I am a Muslim’

‘I am a maths book ‘cos I love maths’

‘We are in the Beavers’

‘I love gymnastics’.



Breda’s Class

‘I am a horse rider’

‘My clothes represent India’

‘These are clothes from my religion’

‘I am celebrating Eid today’



Annmarie’s Class

‘I can be me’

‘Football is my life’

‘I love drawing comics so I wore a comic t-shirt’

‘I’m wearing my favourite clothes’

‘I am a paparrazzi reporter’

‘ I love hurling and I support Kilkenny’

‘I love hurling and I celebrate Halloween’

‘I’m a broken doll for Halloween’

‘I’m a Manga character’

‘I like modelling’, ‘ I love running’.

John’s class

‘I dressed as a piano because I love playing piano’

‘I have my Catholic bracelet, Irish hat, Polish scarf and my dance club tshirt!’

‘I love swimming, Balbriggan FC, cross country, Ireland & Brazil’

‘I love all sports and my trousers come from my religion’


Niamh’s Class

‘I am Ireland football player’

‘These are my African clothes’

‘I love football’




Cecelia’s Class

‘I’m on the Green team and I love Luuigi’

‘I’m celebrating Eid today’

‘My clothes from India’

‘I’m dressed as a rabbit because it’s my favourite animal’


‘This is my religion’

‘My Dad is from Latvia and my Mum is from Ireland’

‘My native costume’




Elaine’s Class

‘My African clothes’

‘I’m wearing a Ballerina costume’

‘Im an Ireland footballer’

‘My Mummy is from France’



Mary’s Class

‘I’m wearing my St. Patricks’ Day band uniform’

‘I have a yellow belt in karate’

‘This is my Mums and my Grandmother’s African gown’

‘I’m wearing my Nigerian skirt and top’


Sheila’s Class

‘I love karate’

‘I’m an artist’

‘I love football’

‘We are celebrating Eid’



Aideen’s Class

‘I’m a Ballerina’

‘I’m in the Brownies’

‘I love football,Ireland and Brazil’

‘I love horse riding’

‘We are Karate kids’


Sara’s Class

 ‘I love Gaeilge’

‘My favourite football team is Liverpool’

‘I am wearing my culture clothes’

‘This is my traditional wear’


‘I’m wearing my pyjamas as I like being cosy and this is Whiskas my cat’

‘I’m wearing a special dress that reminds me of my auntie’

‘I like dancing in these clothes’













3 thoughts on “Self Expression Day

    1. It is so heartening to see our school community, children and teachers alike, so willing to express their individuality, uniqueness and diversity so comfortably. And the Equality Songs in the peer-concert that followed left x-factor for dead! One of my happiest days in the school ever.

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