Student Council at Gomonston Wood Nursing Home

On Thursday 16th November we embarked on our first ever link programme with Gormonston Wood Nursing Home. The children of the student council (two children from 1st-6th class) will visit the nursing home on six occasions (three prior to the Winter concert and three after). The residents will also be invited to our Winter concert as special guests to watch the children preform with their class. It is a fantastic opportunity for both the children and the residents alike. Two children are paired with a resident. We tried to link up the children and resident that may share something in common. For example, one lady is a former dance teacher. She was paired with two children who also have a interest in dance… and so the conversation was all about ballroom dancing. Another resident was very musical and had a keen interest in the trombone- He was linked with a child who played the violin and another who plays piano.. Perhaps at another session they may bring along their instruments and perform for the rest of the group. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and had such respect, patience and kindness for both the residents and staff members. We look forward to our next visit in two weeks time.

Arts Week 2017

Arts Week ( Nov 20th to 24th)  Special Edition Parent Newsletter Thursday November 16th

It’s  Arts Week 2017 !

The aim of our Arts Week is to provide the children with a highly stimulating  and experiential week of Drama, Visual Art and Music. It is hoped that the children will develop a love of the Arts and find their own artisitic talents and preferences.  Each child in the school will experience  four Arts Weeks over their career in our school.     Here’s some highlights of the  week:

  • The Junior Infants, Senior infants , and  1st will experience music-making workshops with guest-experts Musicmakers, will have Drama workshops with Derval,  will have Arts  Carousel with their own team of teachers, will have Samba Dancing  lessons, will experience the magic of Black and White movies and   a visiting Puppet Theatre performance
  • 1st and 2nd will learn about the classical and  and traditional instrument the Violin/Fiddle, 1st will have music making workshops with  Musicmakers, lessons on ‘looking and responding  to’ famous art works, drama workshops with Orlagh,  carousel of activities with their own teaching team,  Smaba dancing lessons,  workshops with  the .Mobile Music School, the magic of black and white movies and  a visiting Puppet Theatre performance, and illustration workshops.
  • 3rd will have an Introduction to Fiddle/violin, Sewing Craft  workshops with Kerry, Drumming lessons with WassaWassa, a trip to the  Droichead Theatre in Drogheda to see a play and  the magic of black and white movies
  • 4th will have Caustic lessons (an online/ICT  music programme),  Junk Kouture workshop, carousels with their own teaching team, a session on Musical theatre,  drumming workshops with WassaWassa. Workshops with the Mobile Musical School, a visit to the Hugh Lane Art Gallery in Dublin.  The magic of black and white movies, and a visit to the Abbey Theatre in Dublin for a play
  • 5th class will have drama workshops with the internationally renowned actor Don Wycherley, Clay workshops, Hip Hop Dancing lessons, carousels with their own teaching team, drumming workshops with WassaWassa,  a Junk Couture session and a visit to the Droichead theatre in Drogheda , and the magic of black and white movies
  • 6th class will have theatre workshops with the internationally renowned actor Don Wycherley,  Acrylics painting workshop with Leon, HipHop dancing lessons, Clay workshops with James, carousels with their own teaching team, drumming workshop with WassaWassa, creative writing in the genre of magic realism with Rachel and Jackie , a visit  to the IMMA Gallery in Dublin,  a visit to the Hugh Lane gallery in dublin and  a visit to the Abbey Theatre to see a play.
  • The Student Council will also be presenting their Human Rights Defenders project  at an educational conference of Student Councils in Malahide. The Student Council will also be leading a ‘painting of the day’ each day in the school.
  • All classes will be studying the work of one individual artist over the week
  • And, finally… see overleaf for our customary Arts Week Family Quiz  for all the family to enjoy!!!!!