Summer Camp 2015

We have just finished the first 3 days of our summer camp and what a way to end the week with a trip to the beach. The children had an excellent time and also took part in a sand castle competition. Below are some photos of us enjoying the beautiful weather at Balbriggan beach.

.Summer Camp 404

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Teachers for 2015/16 school year

Please note that some further 2015/16 recruitment ( AN Others 1,2,3 and 4)  must yet take place, and as soon as this is done this message will be updated.

Teacher and SNA Deployment and Rooms for 2015/16 school year


Junior Infants 1

Mainstream: Kerry

In Kerry’s room

Junior Infants 2

Mainstream: Bronagh

In Bronagh’s room

Senior Infants ( formerly Kerry)

Mainstream: Dan

In Dan’s room

Senior Infants ( Formerly Bronagh)

Mainstream: Clare

In Clares Room

1st Class ( formerly Dan)

Mainstream: Niamh

In Niamh’s room

1st Class ( formerly Clare)

Mainstream: AN Other 1

In Sara’s room

1st Class (formerly Niamh)

Mainstream: Aideen

In Aideen’s room

2nd Class ( formerly Sara)

Mainstream: Sara ( to Sept 14th and also to conclude the year, with AN Other 2 for the majoirity of the year)

In Micheal’s room

2nd Class ( formerly Aideen)

Mainstream Mary

In Orlagh’s room

3rd Class ( formerly Derval)

Mainstream: Jenny

In Josh’s Room

3rd Class ( formerly Jenny)

Mainstream: Leon

In Leon’s room

4th Class ( formerly Josh)

Mainstream : Sheila

In Sheila’s room

4th Class ( formerly Leon)

Mainstream: John

In Mary’s Room

5th Class ( formerly Mary)

Mainstream: James

In Jenny’s room

5th Class (formerly Sheila)

Mainstream: Cathal

In Derval’s room

6th Class ( formerly John)

Mainstream: Orlagh

In Donal’s room

6th Class ( formerly Donal)

Mainstream: Micheal

In John’s room


Principal: Fintan

HSCL : Elaine

Reading Recovery: Paschal

Maths Recovery: Jackie

Special Ed: Beth/Aisling and AN Other 3 and AN Other 4

Learning Support ( deployed as above)

5th and 6th Classes:   Cecelia

4th and 3rd Classes: Breda

1st and 2nd Classes: AnnMarie

Senior Infants and 1st: Monmon

Junior Infants and 1st ( 1.20 to 2.20 Tuesday-Thursday) : Jane



Final Friday Awards for 2014/15

Senior Assembly: ConorF, PeterJ, TofumniO, KristinaF, KatieW, NakiahO

Middle Assembly: MichaelHS, SeanC, RheaK, YusraM, AnnaMc, EoinM, NiallS. LukeDC, CampbellW, RoshniG, JamesD, FionnB, RejoiceA, khalisA, Josh’s whole class, Alma, Anziata, Naoise, MonikaP, OrfhlaithG, CarolineW, CharlieG, EllaW, TodiO,

Junior Assembly: AlexH, YasminPM, ConorG, RobynC, SamB, WiktoriaZ, JunoT, LukeG, Kaijus, LailaM, DavinaI

Choirs Trip

As another school year draws to a close, so too does the choir activity for the year. The choirs in BETNS all rehearse during lunch time so it requires immense commitment. However it’s always fantastic to see so many boys and girls choosing to take advantage of this great opportunity afforded to them. As a reward for their dedication, our junior, middle and senior choirs got the opportunity to participate in a musical theatre and hip hop workshop. We learned a piece from the Matilda musical about ‘Revolting Children’ that was really fun to perform and also a funky routine to Uptown Funk! It was a fantastic day and all of the children represented themselves and the school with aplomb. Well done everyone!

End of Year Staff Treats

It’s the end of the year and one of our favourite jobs in the Parents Association rolled around again.  The End of Year Treats for the wonderful staff at BETNS.

2015-06-22 09.15.03 2015-06-22 09.16.25 2015-06-22 09.16.31 2015-06-22 09.16.37 2015-06-22 09.19.58 2015-06-22 09.21.48 2015-06-22 09.21.56 2015-06-22 09.22.04Just a very small token of our appreciation for all the hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Thanks to Saoirse B for helping to set everything up – she has a definite career in Event Management ahead of her!