Short Story Competition

The RTÉ Guide/Puffin Young People’s Short Story Competition

Do you like writing stories? Now is your chance to enter this super competition!


Age: 7-10 years old- up to 400 words (with a picture if you like)

Age: 11-14 years old- up to 750 words


Each category winner has their story published in the RTÉ Guide. They also win a Kindle E-Reader and a hamper of books worth 50 euro. Runners -up also receive a hamper of books. Winners and runners-up & their parents will be invited to an awards ceremony in RTÉ and to take a tour of some of the sets.

How to enter:

  1. All entries must have your name, age, address, email and phone number
  2. Postal entries must be signed by parents/guardians, along with contact details
  3. Email entries must include parent’s/guardians name and contact details
  4. Entries can be sent by post or by email.
  5. Closing date is Friday, April 17th
  6. Email entries may be sent to ,with RTÉ Guide/Young People’s Short Story Competition in the subject line
  7. Postal entries may be sent to: RTÉ Guide/Young People’s Short Story Competition, PO Box 1480, RTÉ, Donneybrook, Dublin 4.
  8.  You can also save your story and give it to Orlagh at school and she will send it in for you, provided you have parent /guardian details on the entry. It must be finished and ready to be posted by Monday, April 13th.
  9. More details can be found at

Our school website:

We can publish some of the stories here on the school website. If you would like the chance to have your story  on the school website,  give it to Orlagh on the first day back at school (Monday, April 13th). Or email it to

Good luck! I’m looking forward to reading those stories!



Córfheile na Scoileanna 2015

BETNS was a quiet place on the day of the Córfhéile Choir Festival.  A whopping 107 children left the school first thing that morning to travel to the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght to participate in the annual Córfheile na Scoileanna choir festival.  The festival in a non-competitive event designed to showcase the talent of school choirs all over the country.  After a stressful start to the day on the M50 ‘car park’, the choirs recovered in fine style and represented themselves and their school with gusto.  Well done to everyone involved but particular commendation goes to the 6th class participants (Bita, Paula, Megan, Selina and Carolyn) who showed such good leadership  both within the choir itself but also on the day.

If you weren’t able to make it to the performance in person, you can appreciate the talent of our choirs in the videos below.  Unfortunately the battery in our camera ran out just as we were hitting our final notes so you will just have to imagine the rapturous applause we received!

Junior Choir

Middle and Senior Choir

“Once upon a steam train!”

On World Book Day, some of the 6th class children travelled by steam engine from Dublin to Drogheda and back on a steam engine.  There were only 25 places available on the train and the children had to write a story to win a place!

On the train, they met some famous authors , such as  Laureate na nÓg, Eoin Colfer, and Oisín McGann. Then the story teller, Seosamh Ó Maolalaí, came into our carriage and told fantastic stories. It was a great day out and you can see some of our pictures here.

Our friends at BALBRIGGAN CRICKET CLUB are running an Easter Camp this year.


Contact details to reserve a place can be found below.



7th – 9th APRIL

Time: 10.00am –1.00pm

VENUE: Flemington Sports Hall

COST: €30



0852040243 / 0857107243


*** Balbriggan Cricket Club have been a huge support in the development of sport and games in our school down through the years. They have   provided excellent coaching workshops for teachers as well as hours and hours of fun filled lessons and activities for our children. Your child will be in good hands if you choose to enroll them in this Easter Camp.


Why is there so much conflict in the world?

conflictToday we discussed the world wide problem of CONFLICT 

This post contains three pictures that reflect the thoughts of the children in 5th class. The pictures may also help you to formulate your opinion and to share it with us by leaving a comment below.

  • What in your opinion are the reasons behind conflict?

  • Can it be avoided?

  • Can it ever be justified?

  • Are there ever ‘winners‘?

Thanks for taking the time to log on to our Thinking Time Blog.



donkey conflict