Think Global, Act Local

For the past few weeks we (the 5th class Global Citizenship group) have been doing some research on biodiversity. Biodiversity is all about plants and animals. We are part of biodiversity too. Biodiversity means having lots of different plants and animals in the environment. It’s important because if there were no plants, there would be no animals and if there were no animals the world wouldn’t be the same. If we only had one food type to rely on and there was a problem with that food, we’d all starve. Biodiversity means having lots of different plants and animals so if there’s a problem with one type, we still have others to use.

We learned about the problems with biodiversity in other countries (like deforestation) and came up with ideas to help with biodiversity in our community.
We made posters to show people that the environment is important and that if we don’t help it, biodiversity will suffer. We also organised with Fintan to order seedballs. We designed a permission slip for children to send home to parents to see if they wanted to plant a seed ball. We got a spectacular amount of participants who wanted to plant seed balls! Some teachers requested for their classes to plant seedballs around the school too. This used up all the seedballs we had left!

Then we wanted to raise awareness so we made a video to show the work that we had been producing. It took a few days and some of the students gave up their lunch time to do it! Check it out below!

Fingal Cross Country in Donabate

We had a fantastic at the Fingal Cross Country. Well done to all involved. We had some amazing results, however what was most important was that everyone took part, finished the race and had fun the process. There was great team spirit and a sense of pride as we cheered on and supported each other. As the children passed the finished line (no matter what place they had finished) they all had the team at the finishing line waiting to support and congratulate them on their brilliant efforts. Proud day with a great bunch of kids. Well Done