Teacher Schedule for 2014/15 (Subject to change)

Teacher and SNA Deployment for 2014/15 School Year ( Updated Following Recruitment)

Principal: Fintan    
HSCL: Cathal    
Reading Recovery: Paschal ( Deputy Principal)in current room   Reading Recovery occurs over the Senior infant and 1st Class  Bands
Maths Recovery: JackieIn current room   Maths Recovery is primarily directed at 1st to 3rd Class Bands.
Special Education: James/BethRoom 12B + Nurture Room   Withdrawing children who require Special Education interventions.
Junior Infants 1Mainstream: KerryLearning Support (shared) Elaine


In Resource Room 1 (currently Elaine’s)

Junior Infants 2Mainstream : Bronagh Learning Support (shared): Elaine

In Resource Room 2 (currently Clare’s)

Senior Infant ( formerly Elaine’s)Mainstream: ClareIn Room 7A ( Kerry’s current room)

Learning Support: Monmon

Senior Infants (formerly Kerry’s)Mainstream: NiamhIn current room

Learning Support: Monmon


Senior Infants 3 Dan ( formerly Clare’s Class)  In Room 5A ( currently Cecelia’s Room)Learning Support: Monmon
1st Class (formerly Cecelia’s )Mainstream: AideenIn current room

Learning Support: Jane  and Monmon (Tuesday-Friday 1.20 to 2.20)


1st Class ( formerly  Niamh’s)Mainstream: SaraIn current room

Learning Support Jane  and Monmon (Tuesday-Friday  1.20 to 2.20)


2nd Class (formerly Sara’s )Mainstream: JennyMcIn room 9B

Shared SNA for one child.

Learning Support; Jane and Elaine (Tuesday-Friday 1.20 to 2.20

2nd Class ( formerly Aideen’s )Mainstream: DervalIn  current room

Learning Support; Jane and Elaine  (Tuesday-Friday 1.20 to 2.20


3rd Class ( formerly Jane’s )Mainstream: LeonShared SNA for one child

In current room

Learning Support: Breda


3rd Class ( formerly  Jenny’s)Mainstream: Josh In current room

Learning Support: Breda


4th Class ( formerly Stephen’s)Mainstream: SheilaShared SNA  for one child

In Room 11B, current room

Learning Support: Breda

4th Class ( formerly Leon’s)Mainstream: Mary Shared SNA for one child

In room 10B, current room

Learning Support:Breda


5th Class (formerly Sheila’s )Mainstream: JohnIn room 13B ( currently Micheal’s Room)

Learning Support: Cecelia and AN Other4 (Wednesdays only)



5th Class ( formerly Mary’s)Mainstream:DonalIn room 14B ( currently Monmon’s Room)

 Shared SNA for one child

Learning Support: Cecelia and ANOther4 ( Wednesdays Only)

6th Class (formerly John’s)Manistream:MichealLearning Support: Cecelia and AN Other4 ( Wednesdays only)


6th Class ( formerly Orlagh’s)Mainstream: OrlaghIn room 2A

Shared SNA for one child

Learning Support: Cecelia and AN Other4 ( Wednesdays only)


    Further Teacher  AN Other 5 Resource Hours Teacher 10hours ( somebody from Holmpatrick NS in three ‘periods’ per week)Deployed alongside James/Beth in Resource Teaching.




‘Thank You’ for the Parent Volunteers

IMG_2398IMG_2399IMG_2403IMG_2401The Parents Association hosted a lovely coffee morning in the school today to say thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time and skills in the school in the past year.  It was lovely to see so many talented and generous parents who support the creative and dynamic work of the school in such different ways – fundraising, supporting literacy and numeracy, assisting in the library,  teaching languages, coaching sports, providing ICT assistance and so on.  Thanks to everyone who came along and those who could not make it today.  Ní neart go chur le chéile!!








Friday Awards… last of the year!

Senior Assembly: LeonM, MuheezO, AllesandraG, FawasJ, DavidB, KellyI, RobynG, ZainabS, NaglysM, CarnegieE, IsaacMcGL, PaulaP, MichaelD

Middle Assembly: EllaW, Katie, Anziata, Abdulwarris, Umar, Khadijyah, Kacper

Junior Assembly: AbdelraheemB, AiobhD, Campbell, NiallS ( twice), AnaMcG, NamaeerJ, JosiahO, JunoT, AnnaD, TaraHC, JoeyH, JacindaO, Sam, KeevaM, DavidP, Manaal

Parent Newsletter Wednesday June 11th

Parent  Newsletter Wednesday June 11th

1 Get Active Week  Get Active Week takes place next week. Overleaf you will see the programme of events that has been set out for the children in your child’s class-band ( there are separate programmes for all four class-bands : JuniorInfants/Senior Infants, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th and 5th/6th). I think you will agree that this is a magnificent week ahead.

2 Sports Day  You will see that our Sports Day , part of  Get Active Week, takes place  next Wednesday ( 18th) in Ardgillan Park , All parents welcome. The specific ‘races’ part of the day will take place for :

  • Junior Infants/Senior Infants/1st and 2nd from 10.30am to 11.15am
  • 3rd/4th/5th and 6th from 11.45am  to 12.30pm

… and don’t forget the parents races!

3 Clothing and Food and Sun Protection  for Get Active Week    We are delighted to announce that Glanmore Foods have kindly donated a return of School Lunches for the full week of Get Active Week ( Monday 16th to Friday 20th), so no need for you to make lunches! Everyday day next week, please ensure that the children wear track-suits and runners. Also, if it’s sunny ensure that your children wear sunscreen.

4 and, finally, for Get Active Week   Some days, some of the trips/activities may require the children returning  after school hours to the school campus, or perhaps leaving early, please read your note carefully, watch out for extra notes, and make any adjustments to your dropping-off/collecting arrangements  as necessary.

5 School Reports  The  annual end-of-year Pupil Progress Reports, including your children’s Standardised Test scores in Numeracy and Literacy,  will be delivered home via the children this Friday ( 13th), please ensure that you receive yours. The children are instructed not to open the Report, but to hand it to you sealed, please ensure that you remind them to do this. Once you have opened it at home, of course ensure to chat with your child about its contents.

6 School Reports, a couple of observations:    Over the last few days I have been reading and approving the Pupil Progress reports, all 400 of them, and I’d just like to share the following two observations:

  • What wonderful children and supportive families we have in the school in terms of the children’s attainments and standards , both  academically and socially
  • What deep levels of integrity , committment and care the teachers bring to each and every child.

6  Monies ( 140) euros     Some families received reminders from the school’s Board of Management  of the monies due, 140 per child for each child returning to us for the 2014/15 school year with a deadline of Friday June 20th. Please ensure that you comply with this, if you are one of those families. I am anxious that all parents/families in the school  are clear that payment is requested and received from all of our families and that there is no sense in which some families pay ( with the sacrifices this may involve) and that some families do not pay.  Last year we had 96% full-compliance.

7   Clubs Finished: The Spring/Summer Club  Clubs are now finished. I hope your children enjoyed them. There’s a couple of places left in Summer  Camps ( June 30 to july 11) if  anybody’s still interested.

8 Library and School Books : Please ensure that all library-books and school-owned books that may be around your  house are returned to school immediately.