Another Great Photo Day

Did it seem particularly bright in Balbriggan today?  That’s because of the smiles on show in the Arts Hall for class and sibling photos.  2015-02-26 09.12.22Families waiting patiently for the photos to be taken.  Treasured memories in the making.  2015-02-26 09.12.26And, as always, awesome parent volunteers turned in to make sure the day went smoothly. A lot of running up and down corridors but plenty of chat too.

2015-02-26 09.13.42Thanks to Lizzie, Elvina, Orlagh, Richard, Aoife, Denise, Jansi, Ravi and Liz  for keeping the show on the road for the whole day.  Thanks also to the teachers for their patience with the whole process.

Proofs will be returned to the school in a few weeks and you will be able to order photos then if you wish.



Today we discussed one of the issues raised by the 5th class children during a recent Thinking Time session.


“I would like to know how and why addiction exists?”


Please feel free to share your opinions on this topic. We would love to know why addiction exists and why it’s so difficult to control.
Leave your comments below.
Thank you.


Great Photo Day!

The most gorgeous children in the world got a chance to practice their megawatt smiles today by having their individual photos taken.  The talented team from DesignWorksPhoto were on hand as always to take great images that will be treasured by so many parents in the school for years to come.

2015-02-10 09.17.49 2015-02-10 09.24.32

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who turned out in great numbers today to ferry the kids to and from their classes.  An energetic day but well worth it.

2015-02-10 10.03.43

Thanks to Orlagh, Aoife, Ravi, Jansi, Christine, Colette, Denise, Mary, Veronica, Lizzie, Ailna, Elvina and Emmanuel for the great work.

Thanks also to the staff in the school for their patience and cooperation today.  We really appreciate it.

Date for your Diary – sibling and class photos will be taken on February 26th.

Friday Awards February 6th and January 30th

Two week’s worth of awards today….

Senior Assembly: UmarA, TaraM, AliK, AnnaP, Klaudia, Seun, Ikrimah, Nosakhare, michaelC, Torinmo, SelinaX, Waliyat, Hanzalah, EoinA, PaulaP, KatieW, MaxB, TheodoreMcGL

Middle Assembly: Eiman, Saarah, Layla< Andy, Dhruv, Osarumwense, DanielA, JasmineB, AbiaJ, JudithU, MoradA, AndyP, AleemB, AngelinaD

Junior Assembly: RaymondO, EoinM, YusraM, NiallS, KatieW, LaurenC, MohammedB, AlexV, TabitaA, SamiK, LauraM, JessicaT, WiktoriaZ