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Inspired by Arts Week 2014, we decided to investigate the notion of Art. We discussed two main questions in Donal’s 5th class.

1. What is ART? How could you explain it to someone who has never heard of it?

2. What makes ART valuable?


If you can help us understand and explain either of these questions, please leave a comment under this post. We would love to know what YOU think.

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Our Thinking Time lesson began by listening to a poem by Dave Wood (see below)

Poem: What is Art?

By Dave Hood

It’s a representation of  pleasing portrait, 

Still life of sunflowers standing in a vase,

memorable landscape of crimson autumn leaves falling from maple trees.

It’s an abstraction crafted of circles, squares, amorphous shapes,

Rainbows of colour.

It’s stream of consciousness,A manifestation of the mind’s eye,a dream like Salvador Dali’s surreal paintings.

It’s Annie Liebowitz’s vision Captured in a digital photographOf a model, movie star, famous person,Someone, anyone in the public eye.

Some people say, “art is anything.”Like a concept,idea born from thoughtstraveling into, out of the mind,

revealing somethingSignificant about man’s

 basic nature, the human conditionSociety in which we inhabit.

Some Art confuses, confoundslike a Rubik’s cube,or amuse with whimsy like a cartoon,shock as if a stranger’s

engaging in some sort of taboo,mocks like the pop art of Warhol,even screams as you stroll past.

Other art is a rerun of a b-movie,
somebody’s found object,
a ready-made, picked out of the dump,
constructed as if it were a masterpiece, displayed in an art gallery.

The best art is an everlasting memory,

pleasurable moments in time,

one of life’s simple pleasures

delights as though strolling on a sandy beach

watching a golden sunset disappearing

into the deep blue sea,

inspires you to make a purchase, hammer a hook,

adorn a wall in your abode for visitors to view,

“wows” you like driving a black Lamborghini

at high-speed on the Autobahn.

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Yoga for Parents

Cathal's Phone 2 101


Since October our Yoga classes run by Sreevidhya have been very popular. Sreevidhya, a daily practitioner of Yoga and Meditation, has been running two classes a week in our school. Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to improve your physical health but also your mental health and well being. The group is also a great way to meet parents and offers a nice social outlet.

There are some places left in both her classes and she is always delighted to see new faces joining the group.

What: Yoga and Meditation

Where: Balbriggan Educate Together NS (Arts Hall)

When: Wednesday ( 3 spaces left) and Thursday (8 spaces left) from 9.15 – 10.15am

Cost: €3 per session (€1 is donated to the Parent’s Association)

How to join: Please talk to Cathal in school or contact him on 086 168 8890



Friday Awards November 14th and 21st

Congrats to our Friday Assembly Winners over two weeks:


Senior Assembly: SelinaX, LucyE, GeorgiousM, IvyA, LasheT, KatieW, KrisitnaF, YasmineM, MalwinaK, AaronM, RobynG, AdamH, JenniferB, SamiM, MichaelD, PhilipS, AlaminO, GrainneK, AlexaP


Middle Assembly: AoibhD, RichardO, ChriaW, Luke, AnaelleLSC, Stella, NikolaB

Junior Assembly: SarahC, LeonaG, NadiaH, MajaW, LukeG, LejlaS, NaomiJ, MiroslavP, GabrielaK. ObehiagheE, RheaK, JethroO, FaithI, LailaM, RoselineF, MichaealK, Tamara, RyanC, AlexC