ETNS-PEPY Partnership

Over the month of May, we in Balbriggan ETNS were lucky enough to be involved in a partnership between ETNS and PEPY – a Cambodian NGO working on education and youth empowerment in Cambodia. Since September some classes had been learning about Cambodia and the work of PEPY and the partnership came to a fantastic conclusion for the year when four representatives from PEPY came to visit Ireland for three weeks. Kimsru, Manin, Ronouch and Channa came to Balbriggan ETNS and delivered assemblies to the whole school and did workshops on the history and education system in Cambodia, Buddhism, Khmer dance and Khmer wedding rituals. It was a great experience for everyone – we all had learned a huge amount, had lots of fun and made some new friends!

Later the next week, two of the classes from BETNS (Jenny’s 2nd and Sheila’s 4th) went over to DPETNS for the grand finale Cambodia Fun Run. Each class in DPETNS (plus the two from BETNS) ran a leg of the journey from Siem Reap to Dublin. Sheila’s Class ran from Berne to Warsaw and Jenny’s Class ran from Balbriggan to Donabte. Check out some of the photos here!

Unbelievable News!!!

Our Irish Aid team went in to the Department of Education today to attend the regional finals of the Irish Aid Our World Awards. Reaching the regional finals was a HUGE achievement as it meant that we were in the top 15 projects in all of Midlands and the East.

We had a great day and couldn’t believe our ears when we were announced as one of three schools going on to the National Finals in June!!!!!

Our whole class (Orlagh’s class) will be attending the finals on the 16th and representing the school with aplomb!

Check out some photos from today!

If you missed it the first time, our movie and rap can be found here!


fearWhat scares you?
Why are some people more afraid than others?
Are all fears rational?
What feeds fear?
Can you overcome fear? If so, how?

These are the questions we discussed during a recent Thinking Time session with the 5th classes.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below.