Food Fair Tomorrow!

One of the highlights of our year is coming up – our International Food Fair.  Parents bring along a favourite dish from their home and we all get to share in the culinary delights on offer.  So come along after morning drop-off and bring a dish your family enjoys – sweet, savoury, spicey, whatever they like.  All washed down with a cuppa and, of course, the usual Parents Association chat.

Check out some highlights from previous years!…

Don’t go to too much trouble – only bring the quantity you would make for your family!


Balbriggan rebuilt in Minecraft

Over the past two months some pupils from 4th class have been working on a 1916 project. They looked at the main buildings in and around Balbriggan and learnt about the history of these buildings and significant events in Balbriggan in the early 1900s.

They have recreated these using Minecraft. Take a look a a walk through Balbriggan of the Past.



Do you think they enjoyed this ? Well have a listen to what they had to say themselves as they were interviewed at the end of the peoject, I think you’ll find the LOVED it !


This was done in participation in the National Mindrising Competition.

Well done eveyone !