Parent Newsletter Wednesday January 28th

Parent Newsletter Wednesday January 28th

1 Severe Weather

Weather Forecasts for the next few days indicate that there may be snow. It may be possible that the school will have to close, or if it remains open that some special measures will have to be put in place. Please take note of the following:

  • It will be our intention to keep the school open unless it is hazardous to do so.
  • If the school is closed, you will recieve a text-message to one of the numbers you have given us at the start of the year in the Important Update form ( if the school is open there will be no message)
  • If the school is open, it remains the choice of each parent as to whether you wish to send your child to school… it may be hazardous for you to make the journey, for example. Please feel free to make your own decision. Rest assured that the school will not quibble with any parent who makes the decision to keep their child at home if it was hazardous for you to make the journey. ( Any school work missed by your child will be revisited)
  • The school may open, but we may close the campus to traffic. In this instance the two pedestrian gates either side of the main gate, and the side gate leading to Dunnes Stores will be open and the pedestrian paths to the school side door.

2 Talk to parents on Academic Standards in the school

Fintan will do a talk for parents on Academic standards in the school on Wednesday 4th February from 9.00am to 10.00am. If you wish to attend please ensure to give your name ( if you haven’t done so already) to Lorraine ( secretary).

3 What’s going on in the school at the moment?

  • Parent Teacher meetings take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10th, 11th and 12th of February. Your child will bring home an appointment slip this Friday ( 30th). If the apoointment offered does not suit you, please contact the teacher to arrange a mutually-convenient alternative.
  • Best of luck to our Quiz teams, taking part in the Credit Union National Quiz this Saturday.
  • Our Boys Gaelic Football teams are training hard in anticipation of the Cumann na mBunscoil championships due to take place over February and march.
  • Similarly our girls Gaelic Football team are getting prepared for some local matches over March.
  • Our Senior and Middle Choirs are busy preparing for the annual Cor na nOg choir festival?
  • We have paired up in a special relationship with Balbriggan Cricket Club for the development of cricket in the school with both boys and girls, more details to follow
  • Our teachers are busy putting together plans for our annual Feile na Gaelige March 9th to 13th


Friday Awards January 9th

Congrats to these boys and girls for getting their 2015 year off to a great start:

Senior Assembly: AlexM, PeterJ, KristinaF, IvyA, Tokunboh, SusanO, KillianLSC,

Middle Assembly: GloryA, AnziateK, EllenK, RichardO, AdamW, Camobell, KatelynOC, SaraC

Junior Assembly: JethroO, NiallS, SeanC, JadenK, EricA, EmmaU, MerrynL. AoifeM, SamiK, LacindaO

Parent Newsletter Monday January 5th

Parent Newsletter Monday January 5th

1 Happy New Year Best Wishes for 2015 to all our school community.

2 Parent Volunteers Sought for…….. We are seeking Parent Volunteers for the following ‘tasks’; please give your name to Fintan ( Principal), Cathal or Lorraine ( Secretary) if you are interested in taking up any of these roles for the ten weeks between now and the Spring Holiday

  • Parent volunteers are required for the ‘Maths for Fun’ programme ( three sessions of one-hour training ( at appointed time) will be given, and then we seek ten one-hour sessions of you working on Maths For Fun alongside a class-teacher ( this one hour session can be at a time of your choosing)
  • Parent volunteers are required for ‘Literacy Support’ ( listening to reading/changing books ). Initial training will be given as required. We are looking for people who can commit to two one-hour sessions per week for the full ten weeks ( at a time of your own choosing)
  • One Parent Volunteer is required to work alongisde a teacher on a Monday lunchtime Chess Club ( 12.00 to 12.30) must be consistently available on Mondays for the full ten weeks.
  • One parent Volunteer is required to work alongside a teacher on a Tuesday lunchtime ‘BookClub’ ( 12.00 to 12.30), must be consistently available on Tuesdays for the full week.

3 Standards of Pupil Attainment in the School; Talk for Parents     Fintan (Principal) will give a detailed one-hour talk and Question/Answer session on academic standards in the school; dealing with questions such as What are our Literacy and Numeracy standards like? How do we compare with other schools nationally? What standardised-testing takes place in the school… and to what purpose? How are children supported in the school so as to attain the highest standards that they can achieve?   This talk will take place in the school from 9.00am to 10.00am on Wednesday February 4th. It may be of especial interst to parents as this is the week prerceding our formal Parent-Teacher Meetings. Please give your name to Lorraine ( Secretary) if you wish to attend ( 01 6904635 )

4 Parent Teacher Meetings   Our formal Parent Teacher meetings take place in theschool from 2.20pm to 4.30 pm on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10th/11th/12th February. In advance of this you will receive an appointment time, which can be changed if the initial suggested time does not suit. We will also do our utmost to facilitate a sibling-friendly schedule of meetings. Please remember that we feel it is an obligation for parents to attend this formal meeting and ask that you do so.

5 Attendance and Punctuality   New year… new start. Please ensure that the children are on time for school in the mornings; any children arriving to the school after the bell rings at 8.40am are LATE and their learning-day and the learning-day of the remainder of the class are unnecessarily disrupted as a result. Parents are reminded that all absences from school must be explained by note to the teacher on the child’s return to school. Parents are reminded that cumulative absences fo twenty days or more are reported to the National Education Welfare Board as statutorily required.