Human Rights Month Poll for Parents!

Our human rights month poll this year is on the question

‘ Which of the nine grounds of equality could we, as a school, be better at?’

The nine options are taken from the Equality Act 2004 and are:

  • Gender
  • Civil status
  • Family status
  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Membership of the Travelling Community

Please think deeply about this over the course of human rights month and vote before Friday the 24th  October.  We are most interested to hear your opinions!  Also, if you would like to qualify your vote or make a case for a particular area, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Children will be given an opportunity to vote in school so the link below is for parents/guardians/carers etc.

Calendar Photos Taken Today

The photos for the 2015 school calendars were taken today.  There was a great buzz in the Arts Hall as all the children lined up according to the month of their birthday.   2014-10-16 09.43.20  2014-10-16 10.17.56  2014-10-16 11.03.20       2014-10-16 11.19.05  2014-10-16 11.25.34

Did you know that there are 33 children in the school with birthdays in January?  Or that there are 35 August babies, including Cathal?  Did you know that in Micheal’s class there is only one child with a birthday in September?  And did you know that Sheila’s birthday is in February and James’s is in July?  Or that Mary was born in October and no child in her class  has a birthday in May?  Did you know that no child in Dan’s class has an October birthday?  This is all part of the fun on calendar photo day!!

The Parents Association is very grateful to all the volunteers who came in for the morning to give their time – and ENERGY!!!! – to collect all the children from their classes, organise them and drop them back.  Thanks to Emmanuel, Ruby, Kavi, Dympna, Una, Jansi, Colette, Aoife, Niamh, Elvina and John Oghenetano.  We hope you get a well-earned rest this afternoon! 2014-10-16 11.12.552014-10-16 11.12.42

Thanks also to the teachers in the school for all their help in organising their classes into groups.  We really appreciate all you do to make this process go more smoothly.

Roll on December so we can see the finished product!

Parent Newsletter Thursday October 16th

Parent Newsletter Thursday October 16th

1 Human Rights Month…. Talk for Parents

Beth ( Teacher) will do a talk for parents on the topic of ‘3rd Culture Children’ at 9.00am this Friday ( tomorrow, the 17th) in the school. ‘3rd Culture’ refers to when a child is reared and schooled in a country/culture that is unfamiliar to the child’s parents. ( for example: a child born in Ireland to Indian parents in Ireland and reared and schooled in Balbriggan Educate Together!!! ). It would be lovely to see you there.

2 Human Rights Month…… news

There is some excellent learning in Literacy, History, SPHE, Geography, Ethics, Philosophy, Sport, Music, Drama, Art going on in the school at the moment around our theme of ‘Equality is a Human Right’ with a focus on the nine grounds of gender, race, religion, disability, sexual-orientation, family structure, civil status, age and disability. A reminder to all parents that your ‘vote’ in our survey is re quired ‘Which of these grounds could the school be better at educating your children about?’, please log on to and use your vote ( it’ll take you 5 seconds!) The children will be voting on the same question in their referendum next week; and the teachers too! Please participate.

3 Human Rights Month: Self Expression Day; Wednesday October 22nd

Traditionally we have a Self-Expression day where we encourage the children to dress up according to their identity. This will take place next Wednesday (October 22nd). To add a little extra to the event this year we are also giving the children an opportunity to make a short video of themselves expressing their identity ( here’s an example: Hi, I’m Tanusree and I’m in 3rd class. I’m Hindu by religion and I’m looking forward to celebrating Diwali. I have lived in Balbriggan all my life with my mother who is from Kerala in India. I love sport and reading. I speak English and Tamil. I love Balbriggan, especially the beach and harbour. ). Please help your child to put together a little speech like this in advance of Wednesday. Also, if any parent would be willing to add their own voice and good-looks to the video we can facilitate this if you simply drop into the school on Wednesday at any time convenient for you. We will, in due course, show the children the collected set of videos; and we will upload to the website a small sample representative set.

Other news………………………………

4 School Closure    The school closes on Friday October 24th ( normal hours) for the half-term holiday and reopens on Monday November 3rd 8.40am sharp.

5 Credit Union   Catherine ( parent) will kindly resume the Balbriggan Credit Union service in the school on Wednesdays, school foyer, 8.40am; beginning next Wednesday October 22nd

6 CCTV Policy: As a statutory requirement the school has a policy governing the use of the school’s CCTV cameras. This is available in the school office for your perusal.

Dunnes Bagpacking – Thanks to All the Parents!

We had a very successful bagpacking weekend in Dunnes Stores to raise funds for the school.  Thanks to Veronica, Christine, Stefka, Magdalena, Orla, Denise, Kally, Karin, Bing, Richard, Donal, Ailna, Emma, Colette, Agniezka, Lizzie, Liz, Elvina and our Three Sharons!  Thanks to Liz, our Treasurer, for all the hard work in keeping the show on the road.  We really appreciate the hard work.

Just some of the smiling faces greeting customers in Castlemill on Friday and Saturday!