International Festival of Food – April 24th

Come along to the staffroom this Friday to enjoy our International Festival of Food.

We will be celebrating all the great foods enjoyed by school families in their homes.  Come along and bring a favourite dish that your family likes – sweet or savoury, dessert or dinner – and sample those brought by everyone else.

Don’t go to too much expense – just bring the amount you would serve in your own home.  The most important thing is to come along and enjoy the day!

Check out last year’s event – Warning: this video may make you exceptionally hungry!

Our World Irish Aid Awards News!!!!!!


Three children from Orlagh’s Sixth Class who co-ordinated the Our World Irish Aid Awards Project will be representing BETNS at the Regional Finals on May 19.  To be shortlisted for the Regional Finals is a great achievement as we are one of only fifteen schools in Leinster to make it through to this stage.

Well done to the co-ordinating team and to all the children involved from Orlagh’s Sixth Class!

Irish Aid - The Movie and Rap_0.18.14.28

The Our World Irish Aid Awards is an exciting and educational awards programme which explores how Irish Aid is working to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) to fight world poverty and to create a better future for children and their families in developing countries.

Check out the video below to learn more about the MDG’s and to see our full project entitled MDG’s – The Movie.  You can also just watch the rap we produced if you’d prefer.


Friday Awards – 17th April


Congratulations to all the award winners today. Well done!
Senior Assembly
Rohit S, Conor F, Luke O’B, Peter J, Selima X, Wilone S, Isaac McG L, Sofiat A
Middle Assembly

Philip G, Amber B, Lily E, Najma S, Dhruv M, Katelyn OC, Menaal S, Harry F, Izzy McL, Bilawal K, Emily M, Zuhra N, Faith I, Muhammad B

Junior Assembly

Sophie O’S, Xavier M, Robyn C, Oliver L, Laila McK, Kornel, Sameer N, Joanne A.